Roebuust specializes in the creation of wooden furniture and crafts. Ieme Roede, the owner of the company asked Swagoo to come up with a new name and identity. The name ‘Roebuust’ is a combination of the owner’s last name and the word ‘robuust’ (Eng.; robust). Below you can find some of the different promotions Swagoo realised for this ongoing project and close cooperation.

Swagoo and Roebuust occasionally work together to come up with funky new wood concepts, so expect to see some pretty creations in the near future.

This poster was designed to spread the word on a budget! After Roebuust finalised a really cool bench at De Tolhuistuin, several posters were hanged on the walls around the bench, so potential clients could get in touch with Roebuust.

The client wanted his businisscard to be clean and simple. Sure thing!
As a fun detail, Swagoo came up with the ‘dictionary explanation’ for Roebuust’s name.

When Roebuust is working on an interesting project, Swagoo takes care of a little photography to document the process. These pictures are used for Roebuust’s Facebook page, which is setup, designed and partly managed by Swagoo as well.

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